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Q & A - Paper Recycling - Electronic Recycling and More
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Q.  Do you destroy materials?

A.  We Destroy Nothing, We Only Recycle it!!! Paper Dragon Recycling is a non-confidential recycler.  This means that nothing gets shredded or destroyed immediately.  Recycling with Paper Dragon Recycling is no safer than throwing your materials in the trash.  Everything Paper Dragon Recycling takes will be recycled and not put into the landfills.


This means that any materials with sensitive information must be destroyed before given to Paper Dragon Recycling.


Paper Dragon Recycling can not be held liable for any materials with sensitive information given to Paper Dragon Recycling to be recycled. 


You assume all risk for using our service which is provided on an "as available" basis.


If you are not sure if the materials have confidential information on them, be safe and have the materials destroyed.  If in question, destroy them.


Please have any confidential information destroyed properly.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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Q.  Do I have to remove staples and paper clips?

A.  No, you don't. Staples and paper clips don't have to be removed from recycled paper. Windowed envelopes and taped pages can also be recycled.

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Q.  Do you take shredded paper?

A.  Yes we do. We prefer that the shredded paper be in large plastic bags so it stays contained.  If some already is in the container don’t worry about it.  It’s just easier to handle in the bag.  (Please use bags that are 40 gallons or larger.)

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Q.  Why is cardboard not allowed to be mixed in with the paper?

A.  Cardboard is a different grade of paper.

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Q.  Can I recycle tissues or napkins?

A.  No,. Tissue, paper towel and napkins are all considered personal hygiene or clean-up products. Due to potential contamination, these products are not acceptable as recyclables.
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Q. Will you collect every container throughout our office?


A.  As we are trying to collect as much paper as we can for recycling.  We ask that you have it in a centralized place for pickup.  You want the people in your office to become personally aware of the importance of paper recycling.

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Q.  If I am on a one month schedule when will you pickup our paper?


A.  If your pickup day is on Wednesdays and you have a one month pickup, we will pickup your paper every 28 days from your last Wednesday pickup.  So if your pickup is on the 1st of the month your next pickup would be on the 28th.

For other scheduled pickups, it will be as follows

1 week schedule is every 7 days.

2 weeks schedule is every 14 days.

3 weeks schedule is every 21 days.

4 weeks schedule is every 28 days.

5 weeks schedule is every 35 days.

6 weeks schedule is every 42 days.

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Q.  Our bin is full before my weekly pickup is available can I schedule a pickup twice a week.


A.  At this time Paper Dragon Recycling only offers a once a week pickup.  One solution would be to pickup another container, since we have no limits on how much paper can be picked up at one time.

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Q.  What happens if you miss us because we are out of the office when you stop?


A.  We will put you on the schedule for the next week we are in your area.  If you know that you’re going to be out of the office or only in the office between certain hours let us know at or at 248-345-5244.

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Q.  How can we get more people in our office to start recycling their paper?


A.  We suggest a small box can be placed under each desk.  It’s safe, its convent and each person can be proud of their own recycling efforts.

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Q.  What forms of payments do you accept?


Paper Dragon Recycling has made it easy for you to pay.  We accept cash, check, American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa.
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Q.  How can I make a payment?


Payments can be processed by e-bill, mail or in person.  You may also arrange to have payments be automatically charged to your credit card or prepay for a year.  Payments can be mailed to 33300 W 9 Mile Rd.Farmington, MI  48336

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