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Paper Recycling - Plastic Recycling - Electronic Recycling and More

If you were to recycle everyday you could help the world easily save over 500 gallons of oil a year and that is only if you recycled paper.  Get your entire office to recycle and imagine the savings.  With Paper Dragon Recycling, you can easily save more than 500 gallons of oil a year.


With Paper Dragon Recycling, you can schedule a pick up on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, yearly basis or a one-time purge of non-confidential papers.  Call us and let us know what your needs are.   


What you get when you recycle with Paper Dragon Recycling:









  • Knowing that your products are recycled properly!!!


  • And more


With Paper Dragon Recycling you receive all this and more.


The more you recycle with Paper Dragon Recycling the better you will feel.



Paper Dragon Recycling is great! We were having a hard time finding someone who would take our paper, and were rejected by many other local recycling companies who said we did not have enough and other reasons. All of our paper had just been going to waste! Paper Dragon Recycling was easy to set up with, they are always prompt, and are personal and quick if you ever have questions. We couldn’t be more pleased. I encourage everyone to work with them!!


Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Customer Since:  9/17/08

I have been extremely satisfied with Paper Dragon Recycling.  The services they offer us have allowed our company to save on our resources as well as continue to recycle.  Since we are an office, we produce large amounts of paper and before Paper Dragon Recycling we were taking all of our paper to a local Recycling drop off.  They have always been very prompt and very informative.  I never have to worry about whether or not our recycling is getting done or not.  The service that they are providing to the local area is very much needed and appreciated. 



Novi, MI 48375

Customer Since: 9/17/08

We love Paper Dragon Recycling . . . and if we can reduce anything going into the landfills to save this planet now and for future generations is a great thing. 


The Three R's:  Recycle, Reuse, Reduce:  Most people don't realize how much they waste on a daily basis at home or at work.  As you separate just the paper waste in a separate trash bin - it takes less than a week to see all the paper waste to fill up.  We also recycle metal scraps here -Recycle-Reuse-Reduce.



Walled Lake, MI 48390

Customer Since: 8/25/08 



This is a great company and a great idea.  While it is great for the environment, it also saves me time from having to bring everything home with me to recycle. It is fast and clean and does not disrupt business when there is a pick up.



Novi, MI 48377

Customer Since: 7/18/08



I would highly recommend using Paper Dragon Recycling.  It is really amazing when you see how much paper waste a small office of 16 employees can go through.  It feels good to know that we are doing a small part to improve the environment by recycling, and Paper Dragon makes it easy for us to do that.  We appreciate the weekly e-mail reminders they send so we are sure to round up our recycling and have it ready every Wednesday.  They also do a great job of letting us know well in advance if there is going to be a change in our pick-up schedule due to holidays.  We are very happy to be customers of Paper Dragon Recycling – keep up the good work!



Novi, MI 48377

Customer Since: 6/23/08


We joined (almost) accidentally.  What a wonderful surprise!  Recycling with Paper Dragon Recycling is so easy and convenient.  They work with you to set up a convenient schedule for pick-up, they provide email reminders the day before your pick-up day.  The service is professional, courteous and extremely convenient.  Plus, with Paper Dragon Recycling, you get to feel that you are doing a “good thing” for the environment each time they pick up.  I would (and have) highly recommended the service to anyone even slightly interested.  It’s easy, you help the environment, and Paper Dragon Recycling makes it all a seamless job.  I can’t praise the service enough.  Join Up Now!



Wixom, MI 48393

Customer Since: 5/22/08



Paper Dragon has made my paper recycling hassle-free. I just drop all the paper in a container and they pick it up. How easy is that. Their system works well.



Farmington Hill, MI 48331

Customer Since: 7/21/08



Before Paper Dragon came to our area, our receptionist was collecting everyone’s recycling and transporting to her church.  She happily gave up this extra chore when Greg came in and introduced his company to us.  He helped us find a recycling bin that worked for our needs and set up a weekly schedule.  In addition to the items we produce on a daily basis in house, employees often bring in personal recycling.  Greg has been very helpful and is a pleasure to work with.



Novi, MI 48377

Customer Since: 8/13/08

The services offered by Paper Dragon Recycling has truly been a positive attribute for our company. We never realized how much paper was going to waste until we started the monthly pickup service. Thank you for providing such a convenient way for our office to become eco-friendly!!


Novi, MI 48375

Customer Since: 7/1/08  

Paper Dragon is instrumental in the development of our company becoming “Green”, and essential in our contribution to a “Green Environment”. We appreciate their service and are relieved that we have a dependable source for our recycling needs. 

Wixom, MI 48393
Customer Since: 6/13/08

Recycling with Paper Dragon Recycling is simple.


1. Email or Call Paper Dragon Recycling and let us know you want to start recycling to make the world a better place.

2. Get a bin and bags for your recycling.

3. Fill the bin and bags with recyclables.

4. Feel Good That You Recycled Today.

5. Repeat steps 3 thru 5.



Benefits of Recycling

Earth Savings

For every 117 pounds of paper recycled you will have saved……

23 gallons of oil!

411 gallons of water!

2 cubic feet in the landfill a month!

1 tree from being cut down in a single month!

117 lbs from being deposited into the landfills a month!

362.7 Kilowatts of Energy!

4 pounds less of air pollution!

And it can save on your monthly trash bill!

Help us keep Michigan clean and green!!!


The more paper you have at each pickup the more we save our natural resources.

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Remember the more you recycle the better off we all are.

We recycle your recyclables.

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Feel Great That You Recycled Today!!!

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